New relief fund established in Fort Dodge

New relief fund established in Fort Dodge Main Photo

22 Mar 2020

Bill Shea

As the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the Fort Dodge Community Foundation and United Way wants to be in a position to help struggling families.

It has established a new Disaster Response Fund and is pledging to provide 50 cents to match every dollar donated, up to $80,000.

The initial goal is to raise $120,000. Community Foundation and United Way leaders hope that goal will be surpassed.

”We want to have money available so we can respond quickly to family needs,” said Randy Kuhlman, chief executive officer of the Community Foundation and United Way.

”We anticipate there could be a lot of people trying and struggling to meet their daily needs,” he added. ”We need to be prepared for that.”

Kuhlman said the new fund will ”provide an opportunity for the public to give with the assurance that their charitable donations will be used to quickly move resources to where they are most needed and to adapt to evolving needs.”

The fund is intended to fill gaps not covered by federal, state and local programs.

Money from the fund will go to local human services agencies rather than directly to individuals and families, according to Kuhlman.

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