White Transfer Storage continues growth in FD

White Transfer Storage continues growth in FD Main Photo

16 Feb 2020

Hans Madsen

With more warehouse space available than ever, White Transfer and Storage has experienced recent growth, expansion and is well-positioned to serve its customers in Fort Dodge and the surrounding area for years to come.

Ben Crimmins, who oversees operations for the company, is proud of the most recent expansion.

“Over the past year,” he said. “We’ve expanded our Fort Dodge facility to meet the ever changing needs of our customers. We’ve doubled the footprint of our Fort Dodge facility to 200,000 square feet as well as leased an additional 30,000 square feet offsite.”

The company has a long and rich history in Fort Dodge.

“White Transfer and Storage has been in operation since 1901,” Crimmins said. “We’re proud to be one of Fort Dodge’s oldest businesses.”

The business has also been in the Crimmins family since 1969 when its former owner, Bob Croden, sold it to Leo and Genevieve Crimmins. Construction on what is now corporate headquarters west of Fort Dodge began in 1970.

The company was also one of Allied Van Lines original agents when it formed in 1928. That portion of the business became Crimmins Relocation Services in 2014. It still serves Fort Dodge and the area.

Crimmins sees many economic benefits to Fort Dodge and the surrounding area.

“We take much of the responsibility of logistics, especially warehousing, off of our customer’s plate,” he said. “This allows them to focus on their core business and product development. We’re a regional company that supports lots of businesses. Having warehousing and logistics support is an important element to many companies ability to expand and or be attracted to locating their business in our area.”

White Transfer is well-positioned to help with that — they literally, cover a lot of ground.

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