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Active Health expands Main Photo

3 Nov 2019

Chad Thompson

Brothers Dr. Zach Mason, left, and Dr. Josh Mason, pose in front of some new signage at Active Health Clinics, 20 N. 29th St. The brothers are co-owners of the practice.

One of the goals at Active Health Clinics is to help people live their best life, according to Dr. Josh Mason.

And one of the ways the Fort Dodge clinic is hoping to accomplish that goal is through a method called regenerative medicine.

“Active Health is always willing to help our patients live their best life,” said Mason, who co-owns the practice with his brother, Dr. Zach Mason. “With the expansion of regenerative medicine to our services, we feel like we can not only help our patients live their best life, but also for their whole life. With regenerative medicine treatments, the amount of cases we have been able to help has drastically increased and we are able to treat chronic conditions such as arthritis and degenerative joint disease in ways we never have before.”

In September, Active Health added regenerative medicine to the services it provides. In addition to regenerative medicine, Active Health provides chiropractic care, rehabilitation exercise, passive therapies, massage therapy and nutritional support.

Along with the added service, Active Health introduced a name change. The business, which used to be called Active Health Chiropractic is now Active Health Clinics.

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