Support Local Fort Dodge Businesses with Your Shopping Dollars

Support Local Fort Dodge Businesses with Your Shopping Dollars Main Photo

11 Nov 2019

Fort Dodge is home to thriving small businesses and an active downtown business association. Fort Dodge has several shopping districts, including at and around the Crossroads Mall and in Downtown Fort Dodge. Walking down Main Street, residents and visitors are likely to be greeted by old friends and colleagues while grabbing a pint at River Hops Brewing or dining at one of our fabulous restaurants. When looking for the latest fashion or the perfect birthday gift, shoppers find that local business owners are friendly, helpful and offer amazing customer service. This all makes for an incredible experience – one that makes Fort Dodge stand out as an amazing place to live and visit. 

Our local businesses are a critical part of our community’s culture and add to our unique sense of place. It is important to recognize their contribution and to support them by shopping local. 

Keep Local Dollars Local

From an economic standpoint, there are many reasons to keep local dollars local including the fact that local businesses will keep money within the local economy. According to research cited by the American Independent Business Association, “On average, 48 percent of each purchase at local independent businesses was recirculated locally, compared to less than 14 percent of purchases at chain stores” (American Independent Business Alliance, 2019). They went on to write, “The Institute for Local Self-Reliance conducted perhaps the simplest study of the local multiplier effect in several small Maine communities in 2003. The study examined how much of a dollar spent at a local independent store is re-spent in the local area as payroll, goods/services purchased from area businesses, profits spent locally by owners, and as donations to area charities. The study found each $100 spent at local independents generated $45 of secondary local spending, compared to $14 for a big-box chain” (American Independent Business Alliance, 2019).

Greater Fort DodgeWhat does all that mean?

Put simply, when you buy something from a local independent retailer or dine at a local restaurant, the majority of your money is recirculated within the community through the hiring of local people and payments made to other local vendors. That could include supplies and materials or things like accounting, marketing and legal services. This, in turn, helps to support those businesses and creates even more jobs within the community. It is incredible that the purchasing power of Fort Dodge’s residents can help to employ people in all industry sectors but it’s true – every dollar spent can make a positive impact within the community. 

Holiday Shopping Events are Around the Corner

We encourage everyone to shop local year-round. For those who have yet to venture downtown, there are several upcoming holiday events that are an excellent way to become acquainted with the many shopping and dining opportunities available in downtown Fort Dodge. Events will be held on Black Wednesday, Black Friday, and Small Business Saturday. Shoppers will have the chance to enter contests, meet Santa and benefit from deals and promotions that will be available during the events. These are family-friendly events and a great way to kick off the holiday season. 

Crossroads Mall also has its share of fun holiday activities. From the arrival of Santa to Reindeer Games with Rudolph, Ladies Night, a Holiday Showcase and the Fort Dodge Holiday Hero Blood Drive - Crossroads’ events make this a popular holiday destination.

Fort Dodge DowntownRemember to grab a bite to eat or a cup of coffee after shopping. Fort Dodge’s restaurants are serving up delicious meals and are an excellent place to relax with friends and family. Most of all, remember to keep your dollars local because you have the power to positively impact Fort Dodge’s economy. 


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