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29 Sep 2019

Chad Thompson

Troy Schroeder, owner of Memories in Focus, glances out of the corner of his eye as he holds his camera.

Troy Schroeder never imagined that he would end up photographing people for a living.

“I got into photography to photograph more of the art landscape side of it,” Schroeder, of Fort Dodge, said from his studio, Memories in Focus. “I wanted to sell my work.”

But when he found out more about the industry, Schroeder learned that a very small percentage of photographers profit from landscape work.

His talents were redirected when he was asked to photograph weddings and senior portraits.

“It started one way and ended up another way,” Schroeder said.

He first picked up a camera professionally in about 2006.

And by 2008 Schroeder converted half of his home into a studio and began operating under the name Memories in Focus.

“We turned two bedrooms into an office and sales space,” he said. “And the living room would have been our studio space.”

Four years later, Schroeder moved his business to the northwest corner of Central Avenue by City Square Park.

“I like it downtown,” he said. “I think of the downtown as the historical side to Fort Dodge. When you look at old, old photos of Fort Dodge you see Central Avenue. You see the buildings and the brick, the paintings — cool signs in people’s windows. I want to be part of that downtown.”

Schroeder added, “I get that it’s not what it was 40 years ago, but I want to be part of holding onto the downtown as a retail location and obviously downtown provides me with a lot of really cool places to photograph.”

Schroeder photographs high school seniors, sports teams, weddings, individual portraits and family portraits.

He snaps pictures of about 50 seniors per year.

Another special project Schroeder takes on is capturing both pictures and video during the Brushy Creek Area Honor Flights.

The flights take veterans to Washington, D.C. for free to view their war memorials.

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