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8 Sep 2019

Chad Thompson

Three years ago when brothers Todd and Nate McCubbin looked out the front window of their newly opened brewery on Central Avenue near City Square Park, they saw a very different picture of main street in Fort Dodge.

“We have been looking out this window for over three years,” said Todd McCubbin, co-owner of ShinyTop Brewing, 520 Central Ave. “And when we opened, there was Lily Grace (antique store) and an open warehouse, and Dave Madsen’s Lifestyles Furnishings was an older building with an ’80s front on it. Since then Lifestyles Furnishings has been updated, Troy Schroeder (Memories in Focus Photography) moved in across the street, and Edward Jones (Gabe Pettit) redid their building.”

And when the brothers, both Fort Dodge natives, turned back around and looked at their own building at the time, it was the half the size that it is today.

Since opening in May of 2016, a patio was added on the north side of ShinyTop in 2017. The brothers also purchased space that used to occupy the Fort Dodge Cheesecake Lady. That space was used to add a larger stage for live entertainment, additional tables, chairs and a kitchen for a pizzeria.

The pizzeria opened in July of 2018.

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