Educational Opportunities in Fort Dodge Take Students from Pre-K through College

21 Jun 2019

Families seeking the best possible education for their children should consider moving to Fort Dodge, Iowa. The community places a great emphasis on a quality education, beginning in preschool. In fact, Fort Dodge is one of the few communities in the country offering free preschool to every four-year-old. With research demonstrating that children enrolled in preschool fare better throughout their educational career, Fort Dodge's youngest citizens are being set up for success.

Fort Dodge Community School District

The Fort Dodge Community School District (FDCSD) provides warm, caring and comprehensive education for local children. The school district serves over 3,600 students in one early learning center, four elementary schools, one middle and one high school. The schools focus on academics, but also the visual and performing arts, athletics and extracurricular activities that round out a child's education.

The FDCSD offers the advantages of a large and small school simultaneously. The district has a low student to teacher ratio while still offering more than 200 courses at the high school level. Additional benefits of the district include:

  • Freshman Academy eases the transition from middle school to high school by grouping ninth graders together for core classes.
  • Students can play in an orchestra here as early as fifth grade.
  • Career & Technical Education classes draw students from surrounding districts.
  • Ability to participate in a K-12 Talented and Gifted (TAG) program.
  • Diverse learning environment to expand students’ understanding for the diverse and culturally abundant world we live in.

Private Schools in Fort Dodge

Parents who would prefer a religious or private education for their child can choose from one of Fort Dodge's many private schools, including:

  • Saint Edmond Catholic Schools System   
  • Saint Paul Lutheran School             
  • Community Christian School          
  • Harvest Baptist School                               

College in Fort Dodge

Students graduating from a Fort Dodge high school can remain at home while earning their college degree. Iowa Central Community College has their main campus in Fort Dodge and offers the opportunity to earn a variety of degrees at affordable rates. The college is so popular that many students come from out of the area, including over 1,200 who live on campus.

Iowa Central is now the first community college in the state offering flat rate tuition. Full-time students can take 12 to 18 credit hours per semester for one flat rate, making it more affordable to go to college than ever. The college also has a robust athletic program with over 30 sports played on campus, more than any other Iowa community college. Iowa Central truly provides an incredible college experience, both for those who have recently graduated from high school and for working adults looking to advance their career goals.

Fort Dodge provides the educational opportunities necessary for lifelong learning

Regardless of how old you are, where you are in your career or how old your children are, Fort Dodge, Iowa provides high-quality educational opportunities. We invite you to visit, explore and learn more about our incredible community.


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