Federal grant to pay for removing asbestos

Federal grant to pay for removing asbestos Main Photo

6 Jun 2019

Bill Shea

A $500,000 federal grant for asbestos removal will provide the needed money for the first hands-on work to eventually renovate the Warden Plaza, build an intermodal hub and create a new cultural and recreation center in downtown Fort Dodge.

The grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will pay for removing asbestos from the Wahkonsa Annex in preparation for its future demolition. The work could begin as early as this fall.

The grant award was announced Wednesday.

”I definitely think it helps reiterate that the city is committed to this project,” Mayor Matt Bemrich said Wednesday.

”This is getting our federal tax dollars that we send to Washington back and putting them to use on a project that we believe will create an impact for decades and decades to come,” he added.

He described the grant as a ”very important piece of the puzzle.”

Bemrich said city officials made their case for the grant during a visit to Washington, D.C., last spring.

The city government will provide $100,000 in matching funds for the grant. That money will come from an economic development fund.

The Wahkonsa Annex is a seven-story building at the corner of First Avenue South and 10th Street. It is a light-colored brick building that appears to be part of the next-door Warden Plaza at 908 First Ave. S.

It will be demolished to make way for a parking ramp called an intermodal hub that will connect the Warden Plaza to the planned cultural and recreation center.

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