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18 May 2019

Hans Madsen

Michelle De La Riva, executive director of Community & Family Resources, said she isn’t too unhappy about leaving the organization’s old, crowded facilities behind.

Moving into their new building? That she’s very happy about.

She shared some of those thoughts Friday afternoon during a ribbon cutting and open house at the organization’s new facility at 211 Avenue M West.

“When we were designing this,” she said. “They asked what I wanted it to look like. I told them I want it to be as good as my staff.”

The new facility is larger, better lit, much more welcoming and has facilities such a workout room that the old sites didn’t.

The staff will begin checking in clients on June 10.

“It’s pretty exciting,” De La Riva said. “We’re really overwhelmed with how the community is supporting us. We’re excited to get open.”

Cindy Turner, of Fort Dodge, who serves as a liasion to the local recovery community, spoke during the ceremony.

She described the experience of watching clients go through the program.

“You see them have a little lighter step,” Turner said. “The light starts coming on in their eyes. This environment, it can only enhance the experience. It allows CFR to touch the lives of more people.”

De La Riva said that they will indeed be able to serve more clients.

“We will be able to add an additional 200 people each year,” De La Riva said.

The Rev. Mike Carmody has served as CFR chaplain for almost three decades.

He is happy with the new facility, too. He stressed that the new facility is much more conducive to serving the spiritual needs of the clients.

“It’s God who makes us well,” he said. “There’s spirituality in our recovery. It’s a great predictor of what’s going to happen in the future.”

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