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12 May 2019

Chad Thompson

There appears to be no shortage of recreation opportunities at Lizard Creek Ranch.

Weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, conferences, team building exercises, or a place for construction workers to lay their heads, are some of the uses for the expansive property west of Fort Dodge.

“It’s a multi-purpose recreation venue,” Jason Kahler, of Fort Dodge, said. “There’s so many different things.”

A grand opening for the ranch, located at 1762 Johnson Ave., was held last night.

Kahler along with Fred Weers and Jake Hilton, both of Badger, are the owners of Lizard Creek Ranch.

Kahler, a retired Fort Dodge police officer, is the owner of Dale’s Corner Store and Self-Serve Laundromat.

Weers is a realtor and co-owner of CEC electric. Hilton is co-owner of CEC Electric.

The group took ownership of the 33-acre property in the summer of 2018.

It has been a hub of activity ever since, according to Weers.

“We have had five or six construction workers out here every day for the last year,” he said.

Fifteen separate buildings are located on the former Rabiner Treatment Center property.

Three buildings are rented to Manson Northwest Webster Community School District for a consortium school.

The rest of the buildings are available for rent.

According to Weers, there are six cottages. Three of them are for construction workers. Two are for an event center.

Weers said he is still deciding how to best utilize the other cottage.

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