Modern safe trucking

Modern safe trucking Main Photo

12 May 2019

Hans Madsen

The trucking business can be a very competitive world, not only for loads to haul but also for experienced, safe drivers to haul them.

Decker Truck Line Inc., headquartered in Fort Dodge, is doing everything it can to hire and retain drivers and give them a safe, comfortable place to work.

Brad Baaed, chief operating officer, stressed the importance of the approximately 800 drivers working on the road.

“Drivers are key here,” he said. “We have a lot of long term drivers. It takes one big team to move the freight.”

Keeping drivers happy, comfortable and safe when they’re out on the road is critical. The company has recently added a number of extras to the trucks to help their home away from home be more of a home.

One of those initiatives is furry and barks.

“We’re allowing dogs in our trucks,” he said.

That actually required an investment. The company created and provides dog friendly areas at each of its facilities.

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