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3 May 2019

Hans Madsen

There’s a learning curve involved when it comes to bending electrical conduit into something that can actually run from a fuse box to an outlet.

Middle school students from Fort Dodge and Eagle Grove found that out Thursday during the annual Careers on Wheels event on the Iowa Central Community College East Campus. They learned about a variety of careers, and the vehicles used for them.

Bemrich Electric & Telephone electrician Justin Keigher looked over their bending “work,” which looked amazingly like a big piece of galvanized spaghetti.

“That’s what happens to conduit when you let fifth-graders bend it,” he said, admiring the many odd angles.

Keigher was enjoying the day.

“It’s been fun,” he said. “It’s very rewarding to show the different things we do.”

He said the students had a good selection of questions for him. One of them was rebutted by a teacher.

“One of the kids asked me what I make per year,” he said. “The teacher said that’s like asking a woman what she weighs.”

So how hard is it to bend a piece of conduit?

Sam Davidson, 11, a fifth-grade student, found it a medium task.

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