Harcourt gets first new home in decades

Harcourt gets first new home in decades Main Photo

23 Mar 2019

Joe Sutter

It’s been some time since a new home was built in Harcourt.

When Thomas Engquist moved back to Harcourt to join the family business recently, he and his family decided it was time to get building.

Fortunately, the Engquist Lumber Co., which has been in town for 129 years, had plenty of materials needed to fill a new house; and the Engquists have experience designing homes.

“I ended up moving back to the area, and I decided I wanted to work at the business,” Thomas Engquist said. “As my dad says if you’re going to have a business in town you should probably live in the town.”

After looking around at what was available, Thomas Engquist said his dad, Scott Engquist, suggested they buy an old home, burn it down and build a new one on the lot.

“I think our goal was twofold,” Scott Engquist said. “He needed a place to live, and also, we live in the community. So we had an opportunity to buy a home that had been vacant a year or two, and it would have needed a lot of improvement to live in.”

Harcourt Mayor Grant Gibbons is pleased with the investment in the town.

“I think it’s the first one in over 20 years. We’re happy to see that,” Gibbons said. “We’re very happy the Engquists decided to tear down an older, dilapidated house and build a new house there. It’s good for the community.”

During the spring last year, the Engquists got the Harcourt Fire Department and several other departments to use the old house as a training structure, eventually burning it down. Then the new building went up.

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