Mercy Clinics Family Medicine: Expanding Services

Mercy Clinics Family Medicine: Expanding Services Main Photo

3 Feb 2019

Bill Shea

A new organization entered the local health care scene in 2017, when Mercy Clinics Family Medicine opened in Fort Dodge.

The clinic, affiliated with Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines, has since cemented its presence in the community.

“Mercy has a proud history of providing primary care to central Iowa and we are excited to expand our services into Fort Dodge,” Sharon Phillips, the vice president of operations for Mercy Clinics, told The Messenger previously.

“We’re excited and proud to be in that community,” she added. “We have been so excited to partner with some high quality physicians.”

The clinic at 119 Ave. O West opened in January 2017.

Dr. John Birkett and Dr. Alan Nguyen lead the clinic’s medical team. They were both established physicians in Fort Dodge long before the clinic opened. Birkett has been practicing medicine since 1976, while Nguyen has been practicing since 1995.

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