Friendship Haven: Making a home

Friendship Haven: Making a home Main Photo

3 Feb 2019

Hans Madsen

Without any major building or renovations projects in 2018, Friendship Haven is working hard on making the facility the best home that it can be, for residents, staff and the community.

Julie Thorson, president and CEO, said they want it to be home, not just home-like.

“Our focus is on creating a home,” she said. “We define home as a feeling of comfort, love and security. Nobody wants to live in a home-like place. People want to live at home, We’re responsible for creating that home.”

Thorson said that their employees are the key to doing that.

“We are working and moving forward in our effort to create a culture where employees feel an ownership in the work they do,” she said. “Leadership here has little to do with our titles and everything to do with our character.”

“We’re creating an atmosphere where people look at work as more than just a job,” she said. “When our employees feel happy, that adds to the residents’ experience and how much they enjoy living at Friendship Haven.”

She said that they are also continuing to grow their relationship with the community.

One of the ways they do that is through the Boomer Program which lets members of the community ages 55 and older access the Wellness Center.

“They can come work out and enjoy the Wellness Center,” she said. “They can use the pool and work with our personnel. It’s really taken off. People enjoy using it and our instructors. It’s a really great thing.”

Friendship Haven also offers a variety of therapy services through it Catalyst Program, Trinity Therapy Program and the READI program for continued therapy.

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