Leah Glasgo is new CEO at UnityPoint Health — Fort Dodge

Leah Glasgo is new CEO at UnityPoint Health — Fort Dodge Main Photo

3 Feb 2019

Chad Thompson

When Leah Glasgo, the new president and CEO of UnityPoint Health — Fort Dodge, interviewed for that position, she was thrilled to learn about the economic developments in the Fort Dodge area.

“The economic development has been really impressive,” Glasgo said. “It was actually one of the reasons I came here after having a tour of the hospital and the community. Seeing all the great things that are happening and the way people have come together to improve the community was really impressive.”

She said it’s those strengths that the hospital will use to tackle one of its biggest challenges — recruiting physicians.

“It’s the same approach we will have to use as we recruit providers is really sell the great things happening in our community,” Glasgo, a native of Clarinda, said.

Her first day as president of the hospital was Jan. 28. She replaced Mike Dewerff, who became the chief financial officer of UnityPoint Health — Des Moines on Sept. 17, 2018.

According to Glasgo, the hospital added 27 providers in 2018.

“We have six coming in 2019 and one coming already in 2020 planned,” she said.

“We do know we will have physician retirements,” she said. “It is a challenge to recruit physicians and nurses. Though we have been very blessed in that category, we have not had openings that we couldn’t fill from a nursing standpoint, it is a challenge we will have to face in the coming years.”

That challenge is not unique to Fort Dodge, she said.

“In general, there are provider shortages in almost all disciplines of physician practices,” Glasgo said. “For here, it’s us being able to tell our story about what we have to offer in our community.”

Competitive wages will be another selling point.

“The other component is we provide equitable payments for them,” Glasgo said. “We are working very hard to make sure their pay is competitive. Lastly, that they will see that they have a great practice setting to provide care to patients. That will be something we are very proud of is we do have a great practice and physicians can count on their team delivering excellent care.”

Glasgo will also seek to improve the financial performance of the hospital.

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