St. Edmond Catholic Schools: Building a new church and academic success

St. Edmond Catholic Schools: Building a new church and academic success Main Photo

27 Jan 2019

Peter Kaspari

The construction of a new church and academic successes are just a few of the reasons why administrators at St. Edmond Catholic School say last year was a positive one.

Construction began on the new Holy Trinity Catholic Church last August, and it is set to be completed in early 2020.

Mary Gibb, St. Edmond president, said the project has many people excited.

“You can actually see construction on the new church,” she said. “It has brought excitement to the Catholic community.”

The new church will help connect St. Edmond students and staff with the rest of the Catholic community in Fort Dodge.

“The whole goal is to get us all on one campus,” Gibb said. “It’ll be really nice when we have our weekly Masses to take students in a real church other than the auditorium. That will be very nice.”

The ongoing church construction contributed to a new traffic pattern around the school, in addition to a new schedule St. Edmond adopted when the semester began in the fall.

Linda Mitchell, St. Edmond principal, said the Fort Dodge Community School District approached St. Edmond about the possibility of creating a matching schedule, making both the public and private schools on the same schedule.

Mitchell said this new schedule eliminated the early outs on every other Wednesday, which were used for professional development.

Gibb said professional development is now done after school.

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