Manson Northwest Webster: Reaching more grades — Expanded FFA, robotics

Manson Northwest Webster: Reaching more grades — Expanded FFA, robotics Main Photo

27 Jan 2019

Hans Madsen

At Manson Northwest Webster High School, several programs that in the past had been reserved for freshman through seniors have expanded and are now available to eighth-grade students.

Those include both FFA and Robotics.

“We’ve added an eighth-grade FFA chapter,” Principal Kevin Wood said. “It was only ninth to 12th before. They have their own officers, it’s new for us.”

Wood said FFA is a very active program at the school with more than 70 students participating. The group is mentored by instructor Doug Gaul who teaches a variety of programs that the students enjoy.

“Our students raise fish and chickens,” Wood said. “He even takes them through a taxidermy unit. It’s continually evolving and growing.”

The tilapia fish, which take about a year to mature, are raised in a giant tank indoors. The chickens live in a coop on the school grounds.

Both will eventually be sold and both promise to be delicious.

The high tech world of robotics is now also available to the middle school students.

“We have a new middle school First Tech Challenge team,” he said. “They compete the same way as the high school students. We even hosted the first meet in early May.”

An area in the school’s basement has been converted from a storage area into a new place for the students to study.

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