CJ Bio continues growth west of Fort Dodge

CJ Bio continues growth west of Fort Dodge Main Photo

10 Feb 2019

Chad Thompson

CJ Bio America is steadily expanding its operations in the Iowa Crossroads of Global Innovation industrial park west of Fort Dodge.

In 2013, the company opened its main lysine production plant in Webster County, 1946 Harvest Ave.

At a cost of about $323 million, it became CJ Bio’s first production plant in North America.

More than 170 employees work onsite to produce lysine, an amino acid for swine and poultry feed.

In April of 2018, work began on a $53 million addition that is located on the south side of the plant.

The expansion will allow for the production of an amino acid called L-Threonine, according to Luke Palmer, senior operations manager for CJ Bio America.

It is used as an additive in livestock feed.

The initial output of L-Threonine will be 20,000 metric tons. Palmer said the L-Threonine will be in powder form.

“It will allow us to add additional fermentation, refining, and warehouse capacity for that new product line,” Palmer said.

The addition to the plant will lead to about 20 new jobs being created in production and production support.

“We have already hired some of them and they are being trained in their various disciplines,” Palmer said. “At any given time we could have 300 contractors on this site for the project, so that’s good for the local economy as well.”

Expected completion is set for sometime in the first quarter of 2019, according to Palmer.

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