Global Innovators are Choosing to Locate in Fort Dodge

Fort Dodge has become a who’s who of companies focused on biotechnology, renewable chemicals, green energy, animal pharmaceuticals, synthetic biology, enzymes, food ingredients, biofuels, algae, animal health and more. Many of these businesses are located in Iowa’s Crossroads of Global Innovation and the Decker Development Park – two low-cost industrial parks. With over 500-acres of land available for development, including some free land, these certified sites are attractive from a financial and logistical perspective. Global innovators such as Cargill, Valero, Elanco, Nestle,  MidAmerican Energy Company and CJ Bio America have taken advantage of our industrial parks and call Fort Dodge home. Click here to learn about our shovel ready sites.

Why Locate in Fort Dodge’s Low-Cost Certified Sites

Bioscience, animal health and green energy companies are collaborating and growing together in Fort Dodge. Companies choosing our shovel ready sites can benefit from:

  • Renewable Chemical Tax Credit
  • Research Activities Tax Credit
  • Access to dual rail system operated by Union Pacific and Canadian National at shovel ready sites
  • Robust infrastructure
  • MidAmerican Green Energy certificates for customers claiming 50+% of energy is derived from renewable energy
  • Fiber for fast internet speeds
  • Close access to Iowa State University and the bioscience research being conducted there
  • Low cost of doing business
  • 70 million people located within a day’s drive
  • Free land may be available!
  • Incentives are available  
  • Over 500-acres available
  • Easy interstate access
  • Workforce training programs available
  • Large available labor force

Skilled Labor to Help Companies Grow in a Sustainable Way

Companies locating in Fort Dodge have access to low-cost labor and skilled labor, including engineers. For example, when CJ Bio America opened, they received over 3,000 resumes, allowing them to hire a low-cost and high-quality workforce, including engineers and biotechnologists who could specialize in key areas. Companies locating in Fort Dodge benefit from a regional workforce who is trained, dedicated and looking to grow. Fort Dodge also offers robust workforce training programs to help prepare employees for specific tasks. Hire skilled labor and grow your workforce in Fort Dodge.

Robust Infrastructure

Fort Dodge has the infrastructure to support national and global companies. With a regional airport large enough for a Boeing 757, executives can fly in and out of Fort Dodge using their own aircraft or on regional carrier, Air Choice One. Fort Dodge businesses also benefit from access to competing dual rail companies, both of which have rail lines connecting to certified sites within the industrial park. This reduces the cost of logistics and time in transit for feed ingredient, human nutrition, biochemical, animal nutrition and other products. A transload facility is in the works and will create additional logistical benefits once complete.

As for interstate access, Fort Dodge, and our 500-acre  shovel ready site, is situated on US Highway 20 and US Highway 169. Within a 35-mile range, you can access Interstate 35 through four-lane US Highway 20, along with Interstate 80 traversing east and west within 70 miles. Convenient interstate access makes it possible to reach Des Moines, Omaha, Minneapolis, Kansas City, St. Louis, Madison, Chicago, Fargo, Wichita, Indianapolis, Oklahoma City and Denver in a day’s drive.

Discover the dual rail and logistical benefits of locating in Fort Dodge.

Tax Credits and Incentives are Available in Fort Dodge

Tax credits make it financially attractive to locate in Fort Dodge. These include:

  • Renewable Energy – MidAmerican Energy can provide you and your customers 50+% renewable energy. This is to encourage sustainable business practices.
  • Locally, Tax Increment Financing (TIF) and Tax Abatement are available. From the State of Iowa, Investment Tax Credits and Grants are available.
  • Renewable Chemical Tax Credit – When maximizing this tax credit companies can receive up to $5M in refundable tax credits.
  • Research Activities Tax Credit – statutorily companies can receive a 6.5% refundable tax credit and with a project could add 3% or 10%.
  • Workforce Training Programs are available

Find out what tax credits and incentives your company qualifies for.

Research Space in Fort Dodge

Iowa Central Community College is building lab space in the Iowa’s Crossroads of Global Innovation. There are plans to have space to lease on-site, making it easier for biotechnology, animal pharmaceuticals and research companies to hire engineers and expand in Fort Dodge, while collaborating with existing bioscience companies like Cargill. Secure your spot today.

Fort Dodge has a Solution-Based Government

This a place where businesses are valued for their contribution and supported in every step of their journey. A commitment to business is demonstrated by Fort Dodge’s investment in infrastructure, removing barriers to growth and helping businesses to solve challenges.  As former Governor Terry Branstad says, “You can’t beat Fort Dodge!”

The Greater Fort Dodge Alliance is here to support biotechnology companies, and any business, looking to start or grow in the Fort Dodge area. Companies can benefit financially and operationally by locating here. There are even opportunities to secure free land!

To learn more about our area or about our industrial parks,
contact  Kelly Halsted (515-955-5500) or  



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