Available Openings: 2
Apply By: December 31, 2022
Pay Type: Hourly
Compensation: $18.95 - $23.12
Education Level: High School

We will continue to recruit until position is filled. We are seeking to recruit both full-time and part-time positions. General Statement of Responsibilities Under general direction of the Webster County Communications Manager, the employee operates a 911 emergency computerized radio dispatch and telephone system maintaining contact with city, county and other emergency and public safety related personnel in the field while relaying information and data in the provision of public safety services to the community following prescribed standards of operation. Work schedules are determined around a 24hour/365 day operational schedule primarily in an office environment. This position is often the first contact with citizens under highly stressful and emotional conditions requiring a sense of calm and competency from the employee.


Knowledge, Skills & Abilities Demonstrates an ability to interact effectively and in a professional manner with external and internal customers under sometimes highly stressful conditions where immediate action and response is required. Demonstrates the ability to manage multiple components in coordination with the various public safety disciplines while maintaining focus on individual goals that culminate in the overreaching common goal of public safety. Demonstrates the ability to accurately enter information for disbursement to emergency and safety personnel with a minimum entry speed of 40 words per minute. Demonstrates the ability to become NCIC certified and maintain appropriate certification meeting all standards as required with certification. Demonstrates an ability to maintain a highly organized workplace maintaining manual and automated logs and records of activities as determined by standard operating procedures for the telecommunications center. Demonstrates a working ability to operate the necessary computer programs to create, develop, and maintain complex spreadsheets and database tools. Demonstrates an ability to self-start on projects, follow through with ongoing matters and see that various assignments are brought to full completion within a specified timeframe. Demonstrates an understanding of ethical business practices and the need to maintain confidentiality at all times both on the job and away from the job regarding activities that occurred and calls received. Demonstrates an ability to remain flexible in meeting customer demands and makes sound judgments and demonstrates strong decision making abilities as to the priority of calls, assignments and the overall performance of duties. Demonstrates a working knowledge of workplace policies and procedures as they relate to the assignments of this classification. Demonstrates knowledge of the geographic area within which calls are received to provide efficient and proper response to emergency calls for service. Demonstrates knowledge of NCIC regulations, local ordinances and Iowa law. Ability to handle confidential information in a sensitive manner.


Education / Experience Graduation from high school or having obtained a GED with a minimum of one year of experience working in a customer service oriented environment. Special Requirements Ability to obtain and maintain certification in the following: State of Iowa Telecommunicator Training / ILEA Basic Telecommunicator within 1 year of hire. State Certification on the Iowa/NCIC System within 6 months of hire. Incident Command System (ICS) 100, 700, and 800. 8 ongoing ILEA approved credits each year. Must satisfactorily pass pre-employment background check, drug and health screening. Working Condition Indoor office environment, extensive periods of sitting, sedentary. Constant reaching, dexterity, talking, near and far sight acuity, depth perception, concentration, judgement and writing ability. Normal work schedule;12 hour work shifts to include days, nights, weekends and holidays.


United States
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