Social Services Director
Full-Time Social Services Director at Friendship Haven
Available Openings: 1
Apply By: September 30, 2021
Industry: Geriatric Health Care
Pay Type: Salary
Compensation: Based on Experience
Education Level: Bachelor's Degree


Social Services Leadership Functions: • Responsible for introducing and delivery of case management and social services to residents and families by understanding and anticipating the resident’s needs for both the Simpson Health Center and Assisted Living. The Director will be able to proactively guide residents through our continuum, as needed. • Coordinate and lead NF and SNF admissions to the health center in accordance with the current Federal, State and local standards, guidelines and regulations. Delegate admissions to other responsible parties, as needed. • Develop, review and interprets social services and residents rights policies and procedures. • Acts as a consultant to our campus on psychosocial wellbeing (depression screening, counseling, mental health services, social services documentation, admission paperwork, advanced beneficiary notices, and spiritual needs). Will make appropriate referrals to leaders both on and off campus. • Responsible for the leadership and supervision of the Neighborhood Coordinators and their direct reports. Participates in the facility's personnel process when necessary; this may include but is not limited to hiring, onboarding, training, development, goal setting, evaluations, terminating employment, disciplinary hearings and grievance hearings. • Partner with the Director of Nursing for the clinical oversight of the Caregivers. • Consults with Assisted Living for initial admissions. • Coordinates social services documentation and work of others to ensure the assessments are accurate and the psychosocial care plan is being followed. • Oversee residents’ case management plans and on-going activities including, but not limited to the following: identifying resident needs, current services, available resources, connecting resident to services and resources to meet established goals, insurance coverage or other sources of payment for services and addressing resident risk factors and/or obstacles to care. • Responsible for education of the resident/family/caregiver about the case management process and evaluating their understanding of the process. • Acts as a consultant on discharge planning/tracking, resident health status choices (CPR, DNR, IPOST). • Acts as a consultant on promoting resident dignity and rights. • Acts as a consultant to meet the needs of our residents who are grieving and/or have other emotional needs. • Lead and oversee admission package development for all campus Neighborhoods. • Completes or directs required sections of the MDS form. • Lead for referrals to Friendship Haven. • Attends and leads care plan conferences when appropriate. • Completes or delegates responsibility for PASSR. • Maintain and market interest list for open rooms in Simpson Health Center. • Will lead connection of residents and families with appropriate services and resources. • Participate in QAPI and provide Social Services report. • Oversee discharges from Simpson Health Center and organize follow up by developing a team approach to coordinate care. . • Responsible to be involved as a resident advocate when there is a lack of an effective family/support system or behavioral symptoms. • All other duties as assigned.


• Education: Degree in Human Services or related area. • Experience: Must demonstrate leadership qualities and initiative in primary job function.

Friendship Haven

Contact: Melissa Nanninga
420 Kenyon Road
Fort Dodge, Iowa, Iowa 50501
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