Corrections Officer - PT (Female)
Part-Time Corrections Officer - PT (Female) at Webster County
Apply By: February 1, 2021
Pay Type: Hourly
Compensation: $16.73
Education Level: High School

THIS IS A BONA FIDE OCCUPATIONAL QUALIFICATION ANNOUNCEMENT LIMITED TO FEMALE APPLICANTS ONLY. The Corrections Officer performs the primary function of detaining persons suspected or convicted of offenses against the Criminal Code of the State of Iowa, and the exercise of this function takes precedence over all other duties. Work is performed within a detention facility and does not include general police-type activities or responsibilities outside the facility, except as directly concerned with correctional assignments. Work involves responsibility for maintaining physical security of assigned area; maintaining discipline and order among inmates; detention of inmates in housing units; security escort of inmates within and outside the facility; participates in direct treatment activities of the facility as required; evaluates and reports on inmate progress; participates in staff training as required; may perform detailed record keeping and statistical report compilation; does other related correctional work as required.


Admits, books, searches, fingerprints and photographs all incoming prisoners. Issues clothing, bedding and related personal items. Enters data into jail logs and records during shift. Monitors inmate activity through direct observation and by electronic monitor/closed circuit television cameras and documents activity as required. Conducts head counts at the beginning and end of each shift. Performs and documents jail security checks according to established procedure. Searches inmates coming into and leaving the jail. Performs custodial care duties including preparing and/or distributing meals and personal hygiene supplies to inmates; dispensing medication according to medical orders; and cleaning, maintaining and repairing jail facilities. Administers first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation as required. Arranges for medical care when necessary. Controls all inmate movement, scheduled activities and programs within jail. Regulates inmate visitation and exercise privileges. Receives complaints from inmates and completes disciplinary reports and grievances. Maintains security within the jail facility by reporting damage to jail property; conducting inspections of jail facilities; restraining inmates when necessary; and mediating disputes. Completes, receives and reviews various reports, documents and forms, including grievance forms, inmate request forms, jail notes, record sheets, visitor logs, invoices, charts, and jail logs. Assists the public by responding to questions in person or over the telephone. Acts as a member of the disciplinary board, when requested. Operates devices to lock and unlock cells and security doors. Counsels inmates on matters pertaining to their institutional adjustment and enforces compliance with regulations. Prevents fights and disturbances between inmates. Monitors inmates for signs of sickness. PUBLIC RELATIONS Establishes a positive public relations image of the County through: the effective handling of incoming telephone calls; personal contact with other employees, citizens, and elected officials; and providing assistance of the highest quality to County citizens.


TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE Must have a high school diploma. Basic Correctional Officer's Training Program within one year of employment. Must obtain CPR and First Aid certifications, with a yearly 20-hour update course. First Aid/CPR, Blood-borne pathogens, Fire Extinguisher use and operation, Hazard Communication. SKILLS AND ABILITIES Knowledge of procedures and requirements regulating to care and treatment of prisoners and inmates. Ability to proficiently operate equipment used in booking and monitoring county jail inmates, including camera and closed circuit monitors. Ability to learn and follow procedures followed in booking and monitoring county jail inmates. Ability to exercise self-control and physical effort when confronted with emergencies and potentially dangerous situations. Ability to maintain concentration, sit and stand for extended periods of time; to work with frequent interruptions; and to monitor numerous activities simultaneously. Ability to think clearly under pressure and under stressful conditions. Ability to establish effective-working relationships with co-workers, supervisors, the public and with county jail inmates. Ability to see and hear in order to monitor inmate activity. Ability to maintain all required licenses, registrations, and certifications. Knowledge of the procedures for handling blood-borne pathogens and for preventing the spread of disease. Ability to follow verbal and written instructions. Ability to operate standard office equipment including the telephone, typewriter, computer, fax machine, and copier. Ability to maintain detailed and accurate records. Ability to lift 40 to 60 lbs. on a regular basis. Ability to run from one end of the jail to the other and be able to perform duties after doing so.

Webster County

701 Central Ave N.
Fort Dodge, Webster, Iowa 50501
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