Job Title:Electromechanical Technician
Company:Valmont Industries
Employment Type:Full-Time
Job Description:

Electromechanical Technician

Valley, Nebraska

 Job Summary: 

  1. Performs highly skilled and technical work in areas of installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical, electronic and mechanical equipment on all plant and production equipment such as cranes, drills, high frequency induction equipment, distribution equipment, programmable controllers, DC drives, hydraulic accelerators, hydraulic cutoffs, CNC, PLC and NC equipment.
  2. Installs, troubleshoots, and repairs distribution equipment of high and low voltage including switch gears, I lines, bus ways, gutters, disconnects, conduits, and cables in accordance with the National Electrical Code.
  1. Designs and installs controllers and control equipment, and if necessary can change, alter, or modify existing equipment.
  2. Broad knowledge of solid state circuits and function components as well as troubleshoots complicated magnetic circuits and repair.
  3. Performs pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical troubleshooting when related to electrical problems.
  4. Performs minor electrical functions including installation and repair of lighting, repair of small fixtures, appliances, welders, wire feeds, motors and changing fuses.
  5. May be called at irregular hours to handle emergency situations at the plant. 
  6. Operates lifting equipment such as man lifts, cherry pickers, and mighty lift in the performance of duties.

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Must be able to climb and work off of ladders, bridge cranes, roofs, etc. without fear of heights and certified in all lifting equipment.
  2. Ability to use electrical troubleshooting aides such as an oscilloscope, digital equipment, meters, volt, ohm & amp meters, megger, etc. accurately.
  3. PC proficient in order to troubleshoot and repair various PLC, CNC, and NC driven equipment, and desire to learn programming skills for such.
  4. Must have mathematical skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication & division of whole numbers, fractions and decimals to compute power, current voltage, resistance, etc.
  5. Ability to read and interpret electrical schematics, blue prints and National Electrical Code books for both AC & DC electrical systems.
  6. Ability to meet the physical requirements of the position.
  7. Self-starter requiring a minimum of supervision and direction.
  8. Must pass electronic/electrical/mechanical aptitude test

Preferred Qualifications:

  1. Graduate of an accredited technical school.
  2. 3+ years of industrial maintenance experience.
Salary:Based on Qualifications
Application Process:

TO APPLY: Visit www.valmont.com OR Email resume to kathryn.sherwood@valmont.com

OR Fax resume to 402.359.5868. Accepting applications through 3/1/2013.

Application Deadline:2013-03-01