Professional and Social Networking

Part of our mission at the Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance is to connect individuals—to learn, grow, and thrive together. We host seminars and workshops monthly to promote success in our community through organizations and social networking. Other organizations that share our vision also provide networking opportunities. Check out the events in our community.

Clubs and Organizations

Webster County offers more than 180 clubs and organizations with a diverse selection of interests, hobbies, community service clubs, non-profit organizations, social groups, and so much more. There is a group for everyone’s interest and new experiences to enjoy.

Young Professionals

The mission of the Fort Dodge Young Professionals (YP) group is to improve the qualitiy of life and economic development of Fort Dodge and the region through the retention and recruitment of young professionals in the Greater Fort Dodge area. 

The group engages young professionals in current community news and issues. Through this organization, individuals assist in the development of the Fort Dodge area and become an active voice in the community.

There are over one hundred members in the Fort Dodge Young Professionals group, and each is actively looking to improve the community. This group of members hosts philanthropic and social events which promote relationships between young professionals in the region. It is these relationships that are going to influence the future of our community positively.

2019 Officers
Kalli Wheeler - President
Jayna Mickelson - Vice President
Mitch Stewart - Treasurer
Nicole Thurman - Secretary
Greg Woods - Past President
Leslie Holbrook - Events Committee Co-Chair
JB Kilpeck - Events Committee Co-Chair
Luke Hugghins - Membership Committee Co-Chair
Kristine Belanger - Membership Committee Co-Chair
Jon Flattery - Board Member
Kate Stucky - Board Member

For more information, contact the Fort Dodge Young Professionals.


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