Dayton Doggie Rescue Ranch - Best Friend Project

24 E Skillet Ave • P.O. Box 294 • Dayton, IA 50530
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Pets can play a major role in our lives and our recovery. For some, a beloved pet may be their reason for getting out of bed each day.

Did you know that when a peer is hospitalized or goes into a treatment facility for mental health or substance use disorders, all too often their pets are transported to a local shelter or pound? Depending on circumstances, our peers may go home to an empty house, as they may not be able to get their best friends back due to cost or the length of time they were gone.

The Best Friend Project realizes the roles that pets play in an individual’s mental health or substance use disorder recovery. We want to make sure that our peers and their best friends do not get separated!

Through temporary sheltering in our facility, volunteer foster homes, education, pet owner training, emergency services, Peer Support Guidance, community outreach, and assistance with resources, we know we can make a difference!