Prestage Foods of Iowa LLC

3183 HWY 17 • PO Box 8 • Wright • Eagle Grove, IA 50533
United States
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3183 Highway 17, Eagle Grove, IA 50034

Prestage Foods, located outside of Eagle Grove, is the most modern pork processing plant in the United States. The facility processes live hogs into fresh and frozen pork products.  The operation sends about half of its domestic products into retail grocery distribution and food service distribution.  These include Pork Loins, Ribs, Shoulder Butts, and Shoulder Picnics.  The other half is used by further processors to make cooked products such as Bacon, Sausage, and Cooked Hams.  The company also exports fresh and frozen products to Mexico, Japan, and China.

The facility in Eagle Grove employs over 900 associates, is over 725,000 sq feet, and can process 10,000 animals per shift.  Beyond the main processing plant, the complex houses a commercial feed rendering plant, a pet food operation, and a heparin recovery operation.      Prestage produces over 2.4 million lbs of pork and pork by-products daily using Iowa Livestock.  About 65% of our production is from our farms in Iowa and the remainder from independent Iowa farm operations.

Prestage has raised livestock in Iowa since 2004 and built the Eagle Grove Processing plant in 2019.