POET Biorefinging

1562 320th Street • Gowrie, Iowa 50543

POET Biorefining, located near Gowrie, Iowa, is designed to produce 69 million gallons of ethanol annually. The plant, which is the 23rd ethanol plant built by POET Design & Construction and the 17th plant to be managed by POET, consumes approximately 24 million bushels of locally-grown corn each year and provides premium, high-quality Dakota Gold® brand livestock feed for regional, national and international markets. 

With cooperation of the many local leaders and in partnership with members of the agricultural community and the state political leadership, POET Biorefining - Gowrie is excited to bring more value-added agriculture to the state of Iowa.

POET Biorefining - Gowrie began full production in May 2006.

POET Biorefinging's Image