Move to Greater Fort Dodge for Plentiful Jobs, Stay for the High Quality of Life

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26 May 2021

Jobs are plentiful in Greater Fort Dodge, and many people are moving to the area for a dependable living and a high quality of life. Cargill is one local employer who brings a strong workforce to the area and supports Greater Fort Dodge’s capacity to feed and fuel the world. We spoke with Josiah Miles, a local employee who moved to the area for a job at Cargill, about his experience living and working in Greater Fort Dodge. 

Miles and his wife moved to Manson from Blair, Nebraska to accept a Technician position at Cargill that quickly grew into a Team Leader role. Miles highlighted the benefits of working for an employer like Cargill while living in the perfect-sized town of Manson.

“I come from a farming background. Started as a Technician, grew my skills on the job, became a Supervisor, grew my skills more, and became a Team Leader. All developed through programs at Cargill. I do not have a college degree,” Miles says of his career journey at Cargill.

“Cargill is huge on putting people first. Safety and personal development top the list. When it comes to a strong culture, I don’t know anywhere else that is like it. We have team building events, recognition and observations, and it’s all ingrained into the culture, so it doesn’t feel like ‘some program’. The team out here really does strive to ‘Be the Partner of Choice’,” says Miles.

Miles also mentioned that Cargill offers great employee benefits. Some of which are highlighted here. The benefits include, but are not limited to, medical, dental and vision insurance, retirement accounts, adoption assistance, paid time off, disability and more.

In addition to enjoying his career at Cargill, Miles highlighted some of the positives of living in the Greater Fort Dodge Area.

“It’s the right sized town, not too big, and doesn’t take long to get anywhere. The local activities are picking up, and the town itself has improved a ton over the last 7-8 years,” he says.

“Camping is our number one activity in the area. There’s so much camping within an hour.  Lots of hiking and chasing our kids around. They’re 9, 5 and 4 so they keep us really busy,” he continues.

The high quality of life in Greater Fort Dodge includes a family-friendly atmosphere, safe neighborhoods, excellent educational opportunities and abundant options for recreational fun. Located on the scenic Des Moines River, Webster County is overflowing with opportunities for hiking, canoeing and fishing along the seventy miles of hiking trails and sixty-five miles of water trails.

Employees like Josiah Miles may move to the area for the plentiful jobs, but they stay for the great quality of life and dependable living.

To learn more about living and working in Greater Fort Dodge, click here. 

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