Fort Dodge Region Top 10 Under 40

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Jesse Green

What’s the best advice you have ever received?

All the best advice given to me I can boil down into one line.  “Take care of whatever God has given you, and the rest will come.” This line does so many things for us if you take it to heart:

  1. First it helps us to step back and recognize what has been given to us and to count and measure our blessings. “ That which you measure, tends to grow.” is a line from Sonny Beck, CEO of Becks Hybrids.  Let’s not hesitate to measure our blessings then! This process lays the foundation for a healthy attitude of gratitude which affects our outlook on everything.  
  2. It forces us to be humble by recognizing that God is in charge, not us.  
  3. It lowers a person’s anxiety.  Anxiety mostly results from worrying about the future.  This line reminds you that the future will take care of itself and that our focus needs to be on today. 
  4. It allows us to be content but it does not allow us to be complacent with our duties.
  5. There is a promise with it.  When God says,  “Will” that means that it’s going to happen.  If our motives are right, we will receive the proper rewards for our efforts either in this life, the next, or a combination of both.

Life is full of defining moments that helped shape who you are today.  What’s your defining moment?

Without a doubt it was when I willfully decided to follow Christ and to imperfectly give Him my future and desires.  I was 26 when this happened and my life has never been the same since.  This change in life brought with it so much contentment.  Of course there are things that still bring some discontentment to me every day with the poor decisions I make, but deep down there is a peace that was not there before.  The good life of contentment begins when our attitude towards our circumstances changes, not when the circumstances change.  This more easily happens when we realize that we are not the author of our lives, but the stewards of it !  I now tend to think of the whys and the hows of life more than the whats are anymore.

What motivates me to give back to the community?

As Christians we are called to be salt and light.  Salt is a preserving agent so I believe that one aspect of our lives should be to preserve the good and unique things that make up ourselves, family, community,  state,  and country.  Light is something that we should not hide.  It is a dark world out there and if we decide to insulate ourselves and not be a part of our surroundings, I believe we are going against God’s design for our lives.  I believe He will ask for all of us to give an individual account with how we have handled all the blessings He has given us, and one of those blessings is our communities and for me the Dayton Rodeo.  What a perfect way to serve others by serving with an organization that hosts over 10,000 people in one weekend annually.  I have so many amazing memories that the Dayton Rodeo has given me, I feel I have had no choice but to sacrifice a few years of my life to give back to it directly.  I refuse to be a lifetime slave to it but I do not and will never regret giving what I have to it.

What is the best part of your work?

The older I have become,  I realize more and more the benefits that stem from the farm life and agriculture in general.  In my opinion there is more opportunity in agriculture than ever before in history so why not be a part of it!  Also I believe it is the best environment to raise a family.  I love working with my dad, brother, and now my nephew.  It presents its challenges but at the same time it has grown my love and appreciation for my parents and past generations by being able to understand more all the time about what sacrifices and principles have been made and adopted to make our operation sustainable and successful.  I am the fifth generation of the operation, it is only possible because each generation humbly held onto common conservative principles.  Lastly, beings I am single and am not raising a family, farming and being a part of a family team allows me to be flexible in my free time to contribute energy and resources to local organizations like the Farm Bureau,  the Dayton Rodeo,  and church groups.

Who are my hero’s?

  • Jesus -  the perfect example
  • Abraham Lincoln -  humble but strong leadership
  • Tim Tebow - best example of a healthy sports perspective
  • The Greatest Generation - there are many things that are worth living and dying for that is greater than ourselves
  • Dr. Jonathan DeJong

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