Fort Dodge Region Top 10 Under 40

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Jenn Crimmins

What sparked your interest in your career path? 

I’ve always wanted a career in health care. Originally, my dream was to be a doctor, but I couldn’t stomach the thought of completing a cadaver lab and decided to pursue a degree in business. Thankfully, I worked for the Carver College of Medicine while at U of Iowa and realized I could have an administrative health care career – supporting great health care professionals.

What’s the best part of your work? 

The best part of my work is the people.  The patients we serve inspire us.   The team members and organizational partners I work with are passionate about creating the best experience and outcome for patients.  I feel blessed to be surrounded by people and I am able to build relationships daily.  I truly believe having strong relationships is the key to success both personally and professionally.

Life is full of defining moments that helped shape who you are today. What’s your defining moment?  I don’t think there is just one moment.  Treating challenges as opportunities, whether it is a project that challenges the status quo, changing job roles, or learning a new skill, have always ended up being moments of growth.  While saying “yes” may be a bit scary or uncomfortable at first these experiences have made me a stronger leader and better person.

What’s the best advice you ever received?

Grind in your 20’s, Build in your 30’s, Chill in your 40’s.

What’s the best part of living in the Fort Dodge area? 

Fort Dodge is a great community.  Fort Dodge is large enough that there are many opportunities, activities and experiences to be involved in.  But it’s small enough where you can know a lot of people well and your community involvement has an impact.

What’s your advice to other young professionals?   

There are a few of phrases that I find myself using often: 

  • Do what you say you will do
  • Find out before you freak out
  • Be kind, be fair, be honest, be true and all of these things will come back to you
  • Everything happens for a reason
  • Smile

What’s one thing you wish you’d known when you were younger?  

Balance!  While it’s important to be all in at your career and family – you also have to make time for yourself.  Know that you don’t have to take it all on alone – that it’s ok to ask for help. 

What would you like to share about your family and/or hobbies? 

 I love spending time with my family. We love to be outdoors whether at the pool, fishing or cruising in our old classic cars. We especially love our 1964 sea foam green Cadillac that my Grandpa Lewis bought new. It’s probably the only classic car in town that has three car seats in the back and has Disney tunes playing on the radio. My husband and I flip houses. I am great at painting trim and I know enough about power tools to be dangerous. It is an awesome feeling to fi x up a home in need of repair and know it will be a great place for an individual or family when it is complete.

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