Fort Dodge Region Top 10 Under 40

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Samantha Reeves

What sparked your interest in your career path?

I attended Iowa Central Community College for my associate’s degree and had a great experience at the college. I also received great assistance from my academic advisor during a time in my life where I didn’t know if college was for me.  Fast forward a few years later; shortly after graduating from University of Northern Iowa I accepted a position with Iowa Central Community College.  I have been hooked on helping students achieve their educational goals no matter what barriers are in their way.

What is the best part of your work?

I have the opportunity to assist students with disabilities and with many diverse backgrounds.  My goal is to help them further their education. There is nothing better than cheering for them as they cross the stage at graduation. 

What’s the best advice you ever received?

You should not focus so hard on the end result.  Focus on the process it takes to get you there.

What motivates you to give back to your community? 

There are many reasons that I want to give back to my community and why I have the passion to help people.  One of the biggest reasons I want to give back is because is I was able to save my father’s life by being a living kidney donor to him.  The support we received from our family, friends, employers and the community was outstanding.  Without all the support we received he would not be here today and that is what motivates me to give back as much as I can because I am thankful everyday for the opportunity we had. 

What community project that you were involved in are you most proud of and why?

I am a volunteer for the Iowa Donor Network and recently my father and I had the opportunity to share our kidney transplant donation story to 600 plus people.  For us to have the opportunity to talk about our experience and possibly impact someone’s decision of being an organ donor means the world to me.  I am proud to spread the awareness of organ donation at local blood drives, publicly speak and share our story with community members.

What is the best part of living in the Fort Dodge area?

I love living in the Fort Dodge area because this is home to me.  I was born and raised in the Fort Dodge area and received my education here.  It is large enough that everyone can enjoy their individual interest but small enough that there is a strong sense of community pride.

What’s your advice to other young professionals? 

Embrace a new challenge everyday with open arms.  Never turn down anything that could lead to an opportunity.  You never know when volunteering, learning something new, or stepping out of your comfort zone will open the doors to a new opening for your future.

Who are your heroes?

My parents, Terry and Barbara Wingerson.  They are the most caring, strong, encouraging people I have in my life.  They raised me and two siblings and taught us what family, respect, and hard work is all about.  I hope to be as good of a parent to my children that my parents have been to me.

What’s on your bucket list?

For my career I want to continue developing my management skills with hopes to one day achieve a larger leadership role within the community.  I also want to go skydiving and travel to new places.

What’s one thing you wish you’d know when you were younger?

To not focus on planning for my future in such detail but to live in the moment more.  I was always concerned with planning and making sure things went a certain way and I have learned your life almost never goes the way you had planned.  So just enjoy and live in the moment.

What would you like to share about your family and/or hobbies?

I enjoy camping, boating, skiing/snowboarding with my family and love watching my two sons race around on their dirt bikes.  I also enjoy being creative and making painted signs out of old wood.

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