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Posted on: January 22, 2020 • Category: (none)

High School Classroom Teacher

Fort Dodge Community School District

Apply By: July 31, 2020
No. of Jobs: 1
Job Type: Full-Time
Pay Type: Salary
Education: Bachelor's Degree
Fort Dodge Community School District
104 S 17th Street
Fort Dodge, Iowa, Iowa 50501
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License issued by Iowa BoEE for high school teaching. Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in a field applicable to high school education. Successful prior teaching experience for similar grade level and/or subject is preferred.


Develops and administers school music curriculum consistent with school district goals and objectives. Promotes a classroom environment that is safe and conducive to individualized and small group instruction, and student learning. Develops balanced music program and lessons to organize class time so that students have adequate time for preparation, rehearsal, and instruction. Conducts ongoing assessment of student musical learning and progress, and modifies instructional methods to fit individual student's needs, including students with special needs; conducts individual and small group instruction as needed. Utilizes repertoire of all types of music literature, as appropriate. Plans, coordinates rehearsals for, and directs students in musical programs and performances outside the classroom Continues to acquire professional knowledge and learn of current developments in the educational field by attending seminars, workshops or professional meetings, or by conducting research. Organizes and maintains a system for accurate and complete record-keeping, grading, and reporting for all student activities, achievement and attendance as required by district procedures and applicable laws. Encourages parental involvement in students' education and ensures effective communication with students and parents. Ensures that student conduct conforms to the school's standards and school district policies, and establishes and maintains standards of student behavior needed to ensure a productive learning atmosphere during practice, rehearsal and performances. Coordinates with other professional staff members, especially within grade level, and participates in faculty meetings and committees. Selects and requisitions appropriate music supplies and instrumental equipment, maintains inventory records, and ensures equipment is in good working order. Reliable work attendance is required.

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