For Manufacturing Day, students learn the world of bird and animal feed, for one, has gone high tech

Thursday, October 05, 2017

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Hans Madsen

Karen Alstott, president and co-founder of C&S Products Co. Inc., had some good news for several groups of Iowa Central Community College and Fort Dodge Senior High students who toured the company’s Fort Dodge North Plant Wednesday morning during a Manufacturing Day educational event.

A plant such as that — which makes a variety of bird and animal feed products — has gotten pretty high tech.

“We want people to use their brains,” she said. “We want them for their brain, not their back.”

Before embarking on their tour, the students were soon to discover a lot of familiar technology.

“Everything we do is computerized,” she said.

For students considering a career in manufacturing, many of those positions will require education in a technical field. Iowa Central offers a variety of two-year courses that train students in technical skills required in manufacturing.

“We try to get across that not everyone needs a four-year degree,” she said.

As part of their experience Wednesday, they got to meet with employees in maintenance, equipment design, product design, production control and, of course, production itself.

They are all critical to keeping the plant running.

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