Growth Alliance annual dinner speaker: Disruptive change must be embraced

Friday, March 03, 2017

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Change, as the old saying goes, is the only thing that is constant.

But now, change driven by technology is happening so fast that it is really disruption, according to a man who’s studying the evolving trend.

“The digital and the physical worlds are blending like never before,” said John McElligott, the chief executive officer of York Exponential and president of The Fortress of York.

McElligott, of York, Pennsylvania, told those at Thursday’s annual dinner of the Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance that the ongoing changes or disruptions cannot be stopped and must be embraced.

“There is no standing on the sidelines,” he said. “There is no sitting this one out.”

He offered these tips:

– Accept that this is happening

– Accept disruptive technology as inevitable

– Stop obsessing over the millennial generation

– Don’t waste energy on solving obsolete or nearly obsolete challenges

McElligott said the world is in what he calls the “Second Machine Age.” The First Machine Age, he said, was launched by the steam engine. This new age, he said, is powered by the components that make up smartphones.

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